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The Past Is Always Right Behind You

“When Lyle goes home to bury his father, he unexpectedly rekindles a spark with Brady, the girl who got away. But watching their every move is another couple who stands at the edge of sanity, focused on a murder they believe will finally make them pure again.”

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Director's Statement

The last film I made, Chariot, was a single location thriller that took place entirely on board a 727 in a hell of a lot of trouble. With Purity, I have the luxury of telling a story that takes place within an entire town, although everyone still ends up in a hell of a lot of trouble. On the surface, this story appears to be about love, revenge, murder, and the lengths we will go to set things right. The truth is, however, Purity is about that nagging question we all deal with as we move through life; How can we move forward if we never deal with the past?

As someone who grew up in the great state of Texas, I want to make films that showcase the look, feel, and texture of the landscape and the people here. This is why I’ve chosen to shoot this film locally in and around the town of Mineral Wells. The texture that an older, smaller town like Mineral Wells will give to Purity is exactly the kind of small town, Southern Noir feel I want the film to have. I think back to the early Coen Brother’s film Blood Simple or Alan Parker’s Angel Heart, both Southern Noir (or Southern Gothic) films and similar in tone to Purity.

Eric Vale, Director

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